Production Team

Muir Musical depends on a strong, cohesive production team to meet the many demands of producing Broadway-scale musical productions.

If you are eager to get involved, there is a role for you! Please email with the following:

  • Subject Line: [Your Name] [Show] Production Team

  • The position you are applying for

  • Your resume

  • A short portfolio (if you do not have one, that is okay!)

After you have applied, we will reach out to you to schedule an interview.


Primary Creative Team

The primary creative team of each Muir Musical production is made u tp entirely of UCSD students whose expertise range from directing to music and choreography. This team works closely through every step of the production process, including auditions, rehearsals, and tech.

Open positions:

  • Co-Music Director (Hairspray)

  • Assistant Choreographer (Hairspray)

  • Dramaturge (Hairspray)

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Committee

There is a growing movement within the arts community, one that has been building for some time. There is growing understanding that issues of equity are not only central to the health of our communities, but also to the success and longevity of the arts. We know that art can not exist without community, and community can not exist with out justice. However, without strategic coordination of efforts, resources, and capacity building, many opportunities will be lost or short-lived.
artEquity & The Theatre Communications Group

We are looking to build a committee of students whose main focus in the Muir Musical Ensemble is elevating Muir Musical’s commitment to connect with students of all communities, backgrounds, and identities. Representation both on and off stage is a major priority for Muir Musical and the enrichment of the work that we create. Work in this committee may include garnering partnerships with resource centers on campus, doing dramaturgical work, and leading talk-backs in collaboration with the Director of Education & Outreach. This committee is a new installment in the 2018/2019 school year and will be a vital step in Muir Musical’s expansion and progress as a student organization.


Stage Management

It takes a lot of work to make sure every one of our rehearsals and performances goes smoothly. Supporting the production through each step of the process, our stage management team is there backstage and in the rehearsal room to make sure everything we do goes off without a hitch.

As part of stage management you’ll get to work closely with people from every department and play a central role on the Muir Musical team. Positions with flexible schedules are available and people of all backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome!

Open positions:

  • Assistant Stage Managers

  • Production Assistants

  • Stagehands



Each Muir Musical production is a culmination of the artistic work of numerous student designers.

Each year, we look to bring in designers and assistant designers for costumes, hair and makeup, scenic, sound, lighting, and props. Any level of experience is welcome!

Open positions:

  • Assistant Technical Director

  • Hair & Makeup Designer

  • Lighting Designer

  • Sound Designer

  • Props Master

  • Design Assistants



The finance team is integral to the overall success of our productions. Our team works throughout the year to manage the budget, plan fundraising campaigns, and engage with the sponsors who help make the season possible.

Muir Musical has historically been sponsored by Muir College Council, Warren College Student Council, The Student Council of Eleanor Roosevelt College, Revelle College Council, Thurgood Marshall College Student Council, Sixth College Student Council, the Muir Parents Fund, founding Muir College Provost John L. Stewart’s Humanities Fund, Council of Provosts, Muir Dean’s Office, Alumni Association, Triton Fund, and the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs.

Open positions:

  • Director of Development

  • Finance Assistants


Between designing, printing, and distributing flyers and posters, managing the Muir Musical social media presence, and developing creative, exciting ways to engage the student body and greater San Diego community, it's safe to say that the marketing team is another invaluable part of the production team.

The marketing team is always looking for innovative, enthusiastic students who are excited about graphic design, photography and videography, and communications!  

Open positions:

  • Photographer

  • Videographer

  • Marketing Assistants


IMG_1318 (1).jpg

Education & Outreach

Education & Outreach plays an important role connecting Muir Musical with the communities of UC San Diego and the greater San Diego region. Historically, this department has connected with resource centers on campus such as CAPs and SARC to provide educational dramaturgical presentations to our casts and creative teams and connected with local schools to share a glimpse of life at UC San Diego.

Education & Outreach has also hosted backstage tours with local high school students and led widely-attended talkbacks after performances.

Open positions:

  • Director of Education & Outreach

  • Education & Outreach Assistants