Our Mission

The Muir Musical Ensemble is dedicated to developing exciting, innovative, and quality musical theatre experiences at UC San Diego, in a community that supports individual and artistic growth amongst all who are involved.


Recently honored as the 2018 Outstanding Student Organization of the Year at UC San Diego, Muir Musical strives to produce Broadway-scale musicals on an annual basis as an entirely student-run organization.

Along with our commitment to the campus and greater San Diego communities, we care deeply about fostering community within the organization. Muir Musical is proud to be the largest student-directed and produced musical theatre event on campus, comprised of over 70 students per year between all areas of the musical: cast, crew, production team, and orchestra. It is through the work of so many talented, passionate students that the "Muir Musical Experience" can continue to be a staple of so many students' college experiences at UC San Diego. 

Despite its origins at Muir College, Muir Musical is recognized as a campus-wide student organization through the Center for Student Involvement. Students from all 6 colleges are encouraged to audition or apply to be involved in a hallmark of arts tradition at UC San Diego.